Farm Photos

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Little Jody in her winter coat…”taking down” our black lab Elvis

Our other dog…”Maggie” RIP sweet girl

In Memory 1986-2000

BEN “Benny Boy”

Flood Pictures…
On May 1, 2010 Nashville and Middle Tennessee suffered from ove 16 inches of rain in a few days and the worst flooding in recorded history. Avalon Farms did not escape the rising waters. In the end, damage was minor compared to many of our neighbors, and for that we are grateful. All of the horses were moved to higher ground and the house(s) are already high above the valley. The valley, where the horses normally roam and the where the equipment is stored, sustained 8′ of water. On June 12, many women from Nashville and beyond, came out to Avalon to help clean up the messes the flooding left in it’s wake. To all of you that braved almost 100 degree temperatures to cut down trees, put up fences and clean debris…a HUGE thank you! In one day you put things back in order and back to normal. You are truly amazing.

Rescueing items from the Flooded Barn

Brenda, Deb & Emily pulled the boats out of the barn to dry land with the Jet Ski. The water was all the way up to the rafters and we had 8′ of water in the jump field.

Feeding time: Horses in their Pens

Before the flood this is what it looked like around the gelding paddocks…

Emily & Deb jet ski around the flooded farm

After the flood (note the black panels on the left) those are the same panels as in the picture before. Behind and to the right of Emily & Deb is where my gardan is. Even the garden fence and gate was completely submerged.

Emily driving the pontoon boat onto trailer on dry land

The white roof in the background is our horse trailer which was also submerged. The pontoon boat was in the hay barn when the flood came. If it wasn’t secured before the water went down, it would have been off it’s trailer. When they pulled it out of the barn, Emily was able to start it up and drive it around the jump field! She then drove it up on its trailer on dry land.

Farm flood clean up day

Photo by Meredith: Brenda is driving her tractor and Deb and Lynn are in the bucket with chain saws cutting up a tree that came down on the fence line in the flood.

Women helping move debris from the flooding

It was very very hot the day everyone came to clean up. The photo above includes several friends on the chain saw crew. They cut up two huge trees so we could restring the gelding pasture fence and free the horses into a bigger field. They finished and we have a huge pile of wood ready to split for this winter too.

Hendrix staying comfy in his blanket…temperatures have been dipping down into the teens and frigid air from Canada has been turning the southeast into an ice box lately…

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