Photos by Valerie

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My goal this winter, when not playing with the horses, is to begin to organize my photos and prepare them for show and to sell prints. Please check back as I will be adding more here. If you see one and you’re interested in a signed print drop me an email to Please put “photo print” in the subject line.

1.) This was taken on our western vacation last year. Part of our trip was to the Badlands. Another world with so many different colors and textures. We drove the loop road and I was sad to leave it. I wanted to stay and wait for the stars to come out. I was happy that we were there for part of the sun setting.

2.) Avalon Farms in winter is a wonderful place to take pictures. Our woods are made up of hardwoods like white & red oaks, elm, hickory, as well as, walnut, poplar and cedar. We don’t get a lot of snow. The average is only about 5 inches a season. Just enough to make things pretty. Last year we had almost 20″ so I watch the wooly worms every fall. They are brown and black this year which means milder and rainy instead of snowy according to some of the local old timers around here. Last year they were solid black.

3.) I keep these chairs in my mind when life gets hectic and stressful. I know they are on a beach in Mexico that I hope we get back to again one day. Emily and I have been down there around Cozumel and Playa del Carmen and have brought our daughter Jennifer and her friend and my Mom once too. I love the people, the colors and the sea.

4.) This is Grayson Chex Leo. He is a 10 year old quarter horse and online he is a level 2 horse in Parelli. He is stunning at times in our pasture…

5.) On our trip to Yellowstone, we headed north and then took a right turn detour into Idaho to visit the mustang rescue center. The day we arrived they had just brought in over 500 of them right off the range, including that year’s yearlings, which were up for sale.

6.) I can’t paint so I just have to go out and find my still life with my camera.

7.) I like this room from an 1800′s cabin because it has signs of a woman’s presence. The coat and the piano or organ were most likely brought out west on a covered wagon with a wife or a mother or a sister of some cowboy or gold prospector.

8.) Life before Walmart. We live with cheap plastic junk from China but our ancestors lived with wood and steel. I love the textures and the color. Wish I could have pulled up a chair next to the wood stove and played a game of checkers. Funny I never have the urge to pull up a seat and relax in a big box store.

9.) The Grand Titons are really magical. We were lucky to go right when all the leaves were turning and even ran into a snow storm driving in the mountains in a rental car. This lake made Emily want to drop everything and go fly fishing. If it was just us we would have but we were with friends so we went shopping instead ;-)

10.) Spending a day at San Diego Zoo was fun…Emily loves the apes so I took lots of photos for her

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