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Valerie’s approach to her own Video & multimedia production…

“My desire is to show the rich diversity within our society and to showcase the hidden treasures that exist but that have been overlooked, ignored or buried beneath years of prejudice. It is my hope that each work can act as a tool for further exploration and, in the end, help stimulate the process of social transformation.

The purpose of my video work is to bring people together and expand their knowledge of specific periods of time in our history. We can not know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been. We can not know where we have been unless the whole story has been told. I have collaborated with many organizations and businesses to develop promotional videos and short stories such as: corporate videos for New England Lifts, Bethany & Trevecca Healthcare, PSA’s and 30 & 60 second Television commercials during eight years employed by Treasure Coast Television, several years as producer & host of Gay TV for Nashville’s community access television, live concert footage for guitarist G.E. Smith & film segments in his documentary film 50 watt fuse, several memorial tribute videos and music videos. I shot the interview & stage footage for a documentary film still unreleased about guitarist Jimi Hendrix and the time that he lived in Nashville after the Army in the 1960′s.

In addition to the many opportunities I have had to capture and edit compelling stories, my collaborations have also brought me professional recognition. As a student, my recruitment video for MTSU was a winner in the 1995 Alabama Student film festival and my CD GOOD WOMAN BLUES, which was co-produced by MTSU Faculty Professor Doug Mitchell & myself, was also nominated that year for a grammy in the original blues category. (#58) During my college years at MTSU I also interned at Lyppsync Productions in Nashville assisting music video producer Peter Lippman in the creation of music videos. Peter’s creative skills both as an editor and a camera person were a strong influence on the techniques that I use today.”

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Valerie Taping Singer/Songwriter Jill Sissel for the Music Video “I’ll be Thinking ’bout You”

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