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Emily Whitcomb

Valerie Reynolds

AVALON FARMS is located in middle Tennessee and has been owned by Emily & Val since 1998. The horse boarding faciities include covered riding arena, training pen, playground/obsticle course, covered barns & hay barns and miles of riding trails on the 280 acre property. Future plans include homesites and vacation sites (year round primative campsites available now) for lesbians and/or lesbian friendly folks. For more info about the farm send email to info@avalonfarms.com

EMILY has been a business and healthcare professional for many years. Nashville’s GLBT community has also known her as a strong voice for equality and a co-founder of Nashville’s GLBT center on Berry Rd, a producer of Nashville’s early NWA coffeehouses and publisher of the NWA newsletter.

VALERIE has been a singer/songwriter for 30+ years, a multi-media artist and a videographer. Nashville’s GLBT’s community has also known her in the past, as the producer and host of Nashville’s Gay TV. Today she manages the horses operations at Avalon Farms and is a Level 2 student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

Emily and Val are proud Moms to their daughter Jennifer who has recently graduated from college and is pursuing an acting career in live theater.

AVALON FARMCAST is an audio podcast produced by Val (Reynolds Productions) that features Nashville area lesbians and news/talk/interviews. Independent music is from local musicians and independent artists found on the podsafe music network. Remote podcasts include interviews from MichFest ’07 and Provincetown Women’s Week ’07. Archives of all the programs are online.

REYNOLDS PRODUCTIONS is a video production company owned by Valerie. She produces music videos, wedding & memorial videos, corporate training videos and documentaries. The production company also co-produced Val’s CD GOODWOMAN BLUES in 1995 which recieved a Grammy nomination in the original blues category. All of the songs were written & performed by Valerie and the mix was co-produced by Doug Mitchell at Middle Tennessee State University. Copies are available here or you can download it on Itunes.  You can follow RP projects on Facebook including current work for The Jill Sissel Band and the documentary Val’s been working on about Jimi Hendrix when he was living in Nashville. If you need video work or want more info send email to: reynoldsproductions@avalonfarmblog.com

Origin of the name “Avalon”
Featured in the novel THE MISTS OF AVALON” The Mists of Avalon is a 1979 novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley, in which she relates the Arthurian legends from the perspective of the female characters.-wikapedia
A mythical Island of women many of whom held the power to heal.

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