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  1. Hi Val,
    It just occurred to me that you have a link to my blog on your blogroll, which I appreciate tremendously – thing is my url has changed due to some unfortunate circumstances. Anywhoodle, in the whole ordeal someone else ended up with my domain, and has hosted a blog at that domain, but it is not me or mine, so it can be a bit confusing/misleading. Would you mind terribly if I asked you to update your link to my new domain –


    How the hell ya all doin’? Haven’t heard from either one of ya for over 9 months or so.

    Drop us a line at my email address & let me know we’ve hit the right Bozos (fotfflmao) down in Tenn.. Great pic on the Christmas Card.

    Have a great weekend….

    R & J

  3. val says:

    sent you an email ;-)

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