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The animals that live at Avalon Farms include not only the Horses and domestic pets but abundant wild creatures as well. Hunting is not allowed on the property or on several hundred acres of neighboring property. It provides safe haven for many different species. Grass, hay and pasture mowing is planned to also leave enough habitat for wild birds and nesting sites in addition to providing the annual hay for the horses.

At least two sightings this year on the farm of a pair of Bald Eagles and a young Bald Eagle are hopeful signs they may be nesting nearby. Gray Herons, Wild Turkey, Red-Tail Hawks, Quail and dozens of other bird species call Avalon home.

We are very happy to participate in a wildlife release program thanks to Robyn & Terry Kevlin and their work with Walden’s Puddle. Through their efforts, many animals have been put back into the wild right here at Avalon.

Robyn & Terry releasing a young red tail hawk on June 12, 2010 at Avalon. (L) Terry giving the bird a send off back to freedom (R)

Baby birds ready to leave the nest on our back porch.

Gray Herons follow the creek in the valley to the the river…

Wild Turkey isn't in a bottle here...

The Turkey parade like this one is a common sight along the road to the valley

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2 Responses to Wildlife

  1. Were are the pics Canadian Mallards? Or, the Wyoming Blue-Neck 4- Legged Snipe? I’m sure someone has alot of pics of those……right?…( don’t stand there and stare at this, go look…)…right?……..Well, post’em!

  2. [The Turkey parade like this one is a common sight along the road to the valley]….lol……right? An everyday thing
    ….really? Tell ya what…Let me look for our town’s Snapping Turtle & Walking Perch parade that we have every July since 1705.

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