Horses of Avalon

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There are over a dozen horses living at Avalon Farms as of this year. (2010) Several are boarded here and the rest belong to us. Others have come and gone and will never be forgotten including our beloved mare April who lived many years in this valley and is buried here.

April (April's 'Bama Baby) AQHA 1986-2009

Before she died she gave us two beautiful sons including Sirocco…

and Grayson…

They are both a part of her and I see a part of her in them every day. They are full brothers and go everywhere together.

Emily's AQHA mare "Honcho's Dolly Dee"

Max is a 5 year old hafflinger gelding


Kate is a Paint Mare owned by Vickie & Baby is a Thoroughbred Mare owned By Julee

AJ is a Tennessee Walker/Quarterhorse cross gelding owned by Marge & Donna

Gunner is a Quarterhorse gelding owned by Kristi

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