Today is World Aids Day

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There’s a cut in the middle of my CD Good Woman Blues called “Paul’s Practice session” It’s short…just a clip and the audio quality is poor. It’s me singing one of my songs called “a new kind of lover”and a piano player by the name of Paul. He was my keyboard player when I started my first band. He was a sweetheart and he could play not only my songs but just about every show tune you could think of. He could sing them too…really really well. I miss him. It was the only tape I could find of him when we put the album together. He died at home (a female friend took him into her home when his family disowned him for being gay and for having aids.) You can hide your sexuality but it’s hard to hide lesions when they’re on your face. Back then everyone said it was “the gay disease.” He lost his lover to the disease so I’m glad he had somewhere to go so he didn’t have to die alone. I guess we all die alone really but Paul had friends who loved him like family and helped with what could be helped. Not much…he so wanted a cure to be found. Me too. I went to way too many funerals. I lost way too many friends in the prime of their lives. Read what Sir Elton John wrote in Huffpost for world aids day here:

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