Horse trailer loading 101 (from my couch)

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When I arrived to feed at the arena this morning, Deb had already fed the herd. Our rescue thoroughbred mare “Baby” was in the arena eating and cold so I put her blanket on. It’s still raining (and flooding) and it’s supposed to change over to snow tonight.

(This is a picture of Baby last year in her blanket. She belongs to one of our boarders-Julee Jones.)

I hopped back in the 4-runner to go check the level of the creek. It was too high to get across in the car but it looked like the tractor could do it. I waded out to almost the tops of my rubber boots (knee high) to make sure. So, I drove back to the barn and picked up feed, extra hay and 2 blankets (just in case). The tractor did go through the rising water with the front axle covered but the engine bottom high and dry.

When I pulled up, Grayson stuck his head out of the horse trailer. He was all the way inside out of the weather. He hopped out and went to his pen to eat his grain. I shut him up in his pen, fed Hendrix and open his pen up to the training pen and trailer. While he was eating I restocked the trailer with fresh hay. It may not make them “easy loaders” but at least it will get them used to going in and out of it on their own. Parelli says it can be “a big scary cave on wheel.” I want them to think of it as a big safe yummy smorgasbord on wheels. Training will continue when the mud dries out a little. More rain then snow tonight.

***note from Val***
BTW, I’ve had quite the uptick lately in new subscribers. Welcome everyone to Avalon Farmblog!!! Just curious where and how you heard about it. If you have a minute to post here or drop me line at that would be great. Tell me what you’d like to hear more about…ie, horses, politics, farming, GLBT issues etc. So glad to have you aboard Thx!

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  1. Rebekah says:

    How do I subscribe to your blog——————I WILL BE AT THE PARTY DEC 18TH————-I AM NOT WORKING!!!!!

  2. val says:

    yeah! it will be great to see you Rebekah! I signed you up to the blog

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