Waiting for Mother Nature

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Just finished watching the 2 DVD set “Ray Hunt’s Colt Starting” and I picked up several new ideas for my approach with Hendrix. The problem is it’s raining hard…and the round pen is a mud pit. ugh…Tomorrow the weather calls for snow flurries so it’s wet and cold and windy.Just keeping all the horses out of the mud and in fresh hay. I built a temporary shelter for Grayson and Hendrix since they are still over the creek in the hay field. Brenda helped me today build up the ground under the tarps with river sand. They were pools of water. Tomorrow they would have been ice skating rinks. Thankfully we have these sand banks in the woods along the creek from previous floods. I was able to get the tractor in there and got several front end loader scoops (about 3 yards each) and dumped them under the tarps. In between trips, Brenda shoveled them level and also helped lash down the tarps better. They ripped a bit in last night’s wind. The window to getting Hendrix gelded is closing too. It has to be dry, about 50 degress and Hendrix needs to be calm enough to take a shot in the vein from the vet. I can tell you…he isn’t ready yet…

Yesterday was beautiful and we loaded the bush hog on the flat bed so we can take it in for repairs. It was a bit too wide for the trailer hitting the wheel wells so we propped it up above them and strapped it down. Chained wrapped around the bucket lifted it up there. The trick was to get it perfectly balanced so it lift up evenly and didn’t swing back and hit the tractor. That sucker’s heavy ;-)

As for Hendrix…I’ll just keep at it when the weather allows. Brenda moved the trailer over the creek for me and I’m keeping it open and full of extra hay if he decides he’d like to go in on his own. He’s been putting his head & neck in it eating. At least it won’t be the first time he’s seen it whenever we get to practice trailer loading. I’m hoping before the winter weather sets in too bad I’ll be able to move him and Grayson over to the covered arena and set up a pen under there for them. Forecast says the next 20 hours we may get 4″ of rain and a snow mix tomorrow.

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