Need someone to ride horse

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One of our boarders here at Avalon Farms is in recovery from recent surgery and will be unable to ride her horse for several months. She’s looking for a local woman that rides to come out to the farm (45 min from nashville) and ride her mare to keep her “tune up.” Here’s the email she sent me:
Sending this to everybody I know with an interest in horses, who might have a horsey female friend who would like to ride a great horse, for free, on a beautiful property, for the next 4 months. Please feel free to circulate this widely, with my contact info at the end.

Long story short – I will be unable to ride until the first of March. I have a very well-behaved horse who will be standing around in the pasture until then if I don’t find a woman to exercise her. Even having several different people ride her once would be preferable to that, though one consistent rider would be best.

The farm is located between Ashland City and Charlotte. Easy to find, about 40 minutes from Madison (NE part of Nashville). There are 3 hours of trails, a covered arena, and a round pen. In a couple more weeks, I should be released to drive and can meet someone out there during the week, or we can come out on the weekends now. The farm rule is that no one can ride alone, so if the person wants to bring someone else with them to ride, we have a second horse. If there isn’t a second rider, what I have done is follow a few minutes behind on the car, to within hearing distance, in case of an accident.

Here are the stats:

First horse: Norwegian Fjord, Gaven: 13.3 hh, 900 lbs. Very docile, steady on the trails.
Second horse: Haflinger / TWH, Pip: 13.2hh, 900 lbs. A little more fiery, nice rack.

Both horses are sturdy, but I wouldn’t want much over 180 lbs on either, including tack. They have all their own tack, are easy to catch, and are used to the trails on the property. Both are easy to catch, groom, etc. Neither of them is used to being ridden hard (prolonged canter, steep hills at more than a walk, etc.) but are healthy and could be conditioned to it over a period of time.

If you know of anyone who is interested, please ask them to contact me. Thanks for your help.

Robyn Kevlin
FB: Robyn Kevlin

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