playing with Hendrix (colt starting)

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I had company today at the round pen. Robyn Kevlin was visiting her horses at the farm and drove across the creek to check out our progress. I wanted to show her what Hendrix & I are doing together now. She took some pictures of us with my iphone.

After a few minutes circling he came up on cue and we began with the friendly game on his favorite spot…his forehead. A great time bonding and I have been able to rub his ears and neck.

I’m worried about winter coming and so decided to get him used to a blanket. It’s a great tool for desensitizing him so for now that’s what it’s for. Here I turned my back to him to take all pressure off and let him smell the big scary thing ;-)
A few times when he was bothered by it I walked away with him following behind.

I started rubbing the blanket on his left side because he’s more comfortable with me there. I started on his withers and moved from there inching on using approach & retreat.

then I went to his right side. It’s a challenge as he’s protective of it. Trying to get to stand next to him at the shoulder on that side. It’s like my trust meter. When I get over there with him relaxed I know we’ll have crossed over another big trust bridge. It’s coming soon. He’s letting me throw the blanket now over his back from that side.

So, that’s where we are today. Oh we haltered today too.

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