Parelli Horsemanship Fund

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From their website….

Milestone & Pledge

Tell Your Friends About Parelli and the
FREE 30 Day Trial of

Help Us Grow by 10,000 Members and

in educational materials
to four main equine causes.

The Community votes and chooses who benefits worldwide.

You Spread the Word. We Donate.

If you could change a friend’s life by sharing the story of your horsemanship journey and inviting
them to take the first step of their own journey for FREE and for a good cause, why wouldn’t you?!

Here’s how you can help support horses and humans in need:

Helping change the world for horses and humans is as simple as….
telling three people about how Parelli has worked for you and your horse.

1. Encourage your friends to signup for the FREE 30 Day Trial Membership on

2. As soon as they sign on, your friends will have FREE streaming access to the complete Level 1
Educational Program so they can begin their own horsemanship journey (a $99 value).

3. Together, we’ll be one step closer to this amazing Educational Giveaway and YOU will be helping
to create better world for horses and humans alike..

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