Grayson online and saddle prep

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Spent the morning at the feed store and stocking up on groceries. Sometimes I have to leave the horse arena and take care of household chores….it not very good weather so a good day for it. We’re under a tornado watch today and rain off and on. Gary of Sundog Solar is working on the battery box in the tack room anyway. Running water any day now!

I played with Grayson today practicing lifting all 4 feet, following the feel (leading by the front leg), 7 games including 4 laps each way at the trot and improving his yo-yo game. I took the halter off and tested his connection to me…stuck to me all over the arena! Then, I practiced throwing the 22′ rope over each side, wrapped it around him near the girth area and practiced tightening. He is really bothered by anything on his belly. Worked with that approach & retreat for several minutes. Threw the bareback pad off and on several times. Didn’t try to buckle it yet. Still too bothered when I reach for the strap. Spent a lot of time with him not asking for anything and allowing him to relax in between tasks. Gave treats a few times when he gave a good try. He did a great sideways along the fence. Offered 2 feet on the pedestal.

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