All 4 feet on pedestal at Liberty!

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I put Sirocco in the arena for the night because after the big storm we have fence down somewhere in the back forty. He found it and came strolling up to the arena yesterday by himself. Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow…good thing it’s warm and sunny for a change. So Hudeine spent the night in the arena because I was in the city with Emily and Robyn was there to put him up.

I was picking up manure from last night in the arena this morning and Sirocco was following me through the whole process as I pull the muck bucket around and scooped. He wasn’t very helpful as he was adding to the number piles as we progressed. When I got about 10′ away from the pedestal he walked over to it and put his front feet on it and looked at me ;-) I put the rake down and pointed for him to take a few steps. He slowly picked up the hind feet one by one and stood with all 4 on the pedestal and looked at me. What a boy! We also rode for about 45 minutes in the arena today practicing follow the rail, question box, figure 8 and the yo-yo game riding. Still needs more work flexing to the right. Working on my rising trot (posting) and standing in the stirrups at the trot.
here’s a picture of me with him on the pedestal when he was in Florida at the Parelli center this winter. The difference today was he was free…no halter or lead…just me 10-15 feet away with a suggestion…

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  1. How cool, Val!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

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