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Had a great session with Sirocco this morning. I thought maybe his yo-yo game could be better when I ran through the games so we worked on that a bit. Played with him on the 22′ line and got all 4 feet on the pedestal, jumped the barrels easily, sideways along the rail. Things were going well so I saddled him up and climbed aboard. My challenge to myself…ride without touching the reins. I was so amazed at how easy it was to communicate to him with just my legs and seat. He got it…I was doing follow the rail and half way down each side i did a circle and then continued down the rail. At the trot he did come out of track 1 so I went over to get the carrot stick. It was 5′ away leaning on the rail. I cued him forward and then cued to stop. Now we were 3′ beyond it. I crunched my belly and wagged my feet lightly tapping with my legs…he backed up to beside the stick. It was still out of reach by 3′ to my right. I put my left calf on him and pointing my left toe out. I shifted my weight to left and opened my right leg…he did a perfect sidepass over to the rail and stopped. I reached down and picked up the stick. HaHaHa this is so cool! It was a great way to spend a morning.

Dawn Darnell is a great equine dentist. This afternoon she came to the farm because I had 2 problems. One was Mr. Ed. He’s lost a lot of weight over the winter and I wanted her to check his teeth. She didn’t find anything…he a 30 year old quarter horse Palomino. I guess it’s all just part of the aging process. I’ve added beet pulp to his diet which he likes. We’ll see if between that and the spring grass he’ll rebound. Also trying to control his diarrhea. I ordered another bucket of Forco which seemed to work well in the past. I took him off of it a few months ago and just gave him some probiotics but I’m going to give it another try. Dawn said he still has a lot of life in his eye…it’s hard when they get so old…He has a pasture buddy and he loves dinner so I guess we’ll just let him tell us one day when he’s had enough.

My other dental issue was my new haflinger Pete.

I was worried he might have an abscess tooth. He had swelling on his face and was rubbing it on the pole in his pen. He had some really sharp edges and hooks on his teeth and he had stuffed a bunch of grass in there to protect his mouth. He was holding it in there like a hamster. He also had very little lateral motion because the front ones were locked. You would never know looking at his body condition. He’s been on a diet because he was overweight when I got him. I don’t think his teeth had ever been looked at by his previous owners. He’s about 12 years old. It should be easier to eat now.

My friend and sponsor Anita in Florida called and said she talked about the Parelli philosophy “Love, Language & Leadership” today in a meeting and had to call and tell me.

I saw her when I went to pick up Sirocco at the Parelli ranch. She lives near my Mom. She gave me my 20 year medallion while I was there. I tried to explain a little about what I’m doing now as a student of Parelli. She thought it sounded like a great way to live and maybe it would be good for people too. I think it does ;-)

That’s it for my day…missed watching Survivor tonight with all the weather reporting going on. Thankfully the tornados missed our area. We got some heavy rain but it passed quickly. Looks like a lot of other weren’t so fortunate. I love the spring but it can be scary.

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