Sirocco update! Video and Bridleless riding today

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It was a gorgeous day at Avalon with Temps up to almost 60. I played online with Blue in the arena first and i was able to do extreme helicopter without her moving her feet, I was able to touch her udders and under her tail without her moving and she did stick to me game at the walk on a 12′ line from zone 2. she did a phase 1 yo-yo game (including through the gate) and I gave her treats before putting her up.

I brought Pete into the arena and was able to move his hind quarters 360 degrees playing porcupine game very lightly. He also turned both directions on the forehand. we played a lot with the yo-yo game which is really improving. I rode him bareback and we worked some on follow the rail, flexing, 9 step backup and turns. We had company so I walked Lynn around on him. Maybe next time she comes to visit he’ll be ready for her to go trail riding with him.

I was so pleased to see Sally posted a bunch of stuff on facebook today with Sirocco! Go check out her site…there’s videos and pictures of the boy in all his glory ;-)

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2 Responses to Sirocco update! Video and Bridleless riding today

  1. Sally Berry says:

    Hi Val, sounds like you had a good day with your horses too :-) Glad the weather has warmed up for you!

  2. val says:

    me too! spring is right around the corner and for the next 7 days at least there’s no freezing temps in the forecast. horses that need blankets are happy to be out of them i’m sure!

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