Sirocco Update! Driving from zone 5…

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Another day indoors at Avalon as we have yet another snow storm. The snow stopped tonight while I write this but it took Emily 2 1/2 hours to get home from work. I heard on the news about 130+ wrecks in Nashville. The thing is… we are sort of in “the south.” 2″-3″ of snow can shut everything down because we don’t have much snow removal equipment. On all of the side streets, driveways and parking lots…it just has to melt…Nothing like my youth growing up in Massachusettes.

(l-r)unknown guy, my brother steve, mom with my sister diane, my dad, me & unknown woman behind the desk.
I can barely remember getting a snow day off from school there and we would get FEET of snow at a time.

This has been a very unusual winter in Middle Tennessee with snow way over normal averages. I hate that it has slowed my riding program but keeping horses in hay has been my priority this week so far. I have managed to ride Pete a few times…he’s such a cutie. Still can’t find a saddle to fit him so it’s bareback for now. Going for some round bales of hay this weekend when it’s supposed to be in the 50′s and sunny. That will make it easier around here.

As some of you know…we had the great flood in may and our hay equipment was submerged in 8′ of flood waters.

I’ve had to buy hay this year and besides the expense it’s a chore to find and then go get it, unload it and stack it. Thankfully all the horses were ok and the hay equipment has been repaired for next year. The tractor is running like a champ. If you look at the barn photo you can make out the tractor exhast pipe sticking up above the water. John Deere submarine ;-(

Sirocco has missed some terrible weather this winter and he has a brand new blanket waiting for him when he gets home next month in case it still is cold. Here’s the latest from Sally and how she and Sirocco spent their day in sunny Florida…

From Sally Berry – Licensed Parelli Professional
“Today started with Berin giving us an assessment to check our trailer loading from standing on a spot 40ft away – Sirocco loaded all zones – that’s the strength of a positive pattern :-) Played with changes of direction on a circle – in trot they were smooth in both directions, in canter he understood right to left changes, although broke down to trot, in left to right he got confused and sped up……
……. Played with zone 5 driving, walk, trot, halt and backwards transitions getting much smoother. Then we had a session with Carol Coppinger and Nita Jo Rush about strategies for the different horsenalities – we split into groups and each group gave a presentation – I was in the RB introvert group…”

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