Free horses! Need Homes Now!

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Amanda Popejoy posted on your Wall.

Amanda wrote:
“Hey, ladies! I just had this post come up on my FB feed from a friend. Wanted to pass it along to you to see if you know of anyone who can help!

Please help!!!! Horses are going to slaughter on Saturday 2/5/11. FREE to good home call 440-463-4288. Dr. Stearns, DVM passed away & his son wants everything liquidated immediately, leftover horses go to slaughter this Sat. Currently of 52 horses there are still 23 mares some w babies on board, stud is 16.3 TB Stud Conley Key. All free and papered. Call 440-463-42880, 57882 Wright Rd, Barnesville, OH”

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One Response to Free horses! Need Homes Now!

  1. val says:

    2/3/11 via facebook…
    Angie Schleicher just got word……. all these horses have now been placed and have a home – woo-hoo!! :)

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