Blue is helping me get ready for Sirocco

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Thought I’d take a minute and introduce “Blue.” She’s Emily’s horse and she’s a wonderful quarter horse mare. She is going to help me with my riding skills and in the process she’s going to get a heavy dose of Parelli. We bought her over the summer and she has cattle, working ranch horse experience. Emily had knee surgery so since she hasn’t been able to ride Blue, I’ve been trail riding her and teaching her level 1 Parelli. She’s a left brain introvert.

Emily misses riding a lot and hopes to be riding her again this spring. I can’t wait until she can ride Blue and I can ride Sirocco and all 4 of us can go somewhere! There’s a really cool bed & breakfast on the natchez trace riding trail. I’ve always want to stay there sometime…

Emily and Blue in the Arena last summer

This was taken shortly after Blue came to live at Avalon Farms. That’s Emily enjoying some bonding time with Blue.

Today I spent an hour and a half in the arena with Blue. I groomed her and worked on getting her to pick up her feet easily. Needs more work on her right rear foot but she did pretty good. The games are pretty new to her and I had to stop and break things down for her to get it a few times. We played the touch it game and her circle game improved. She did a sideways along the rail and around some barrels. She easily crossed the tarp. She had a little trouble with the squeeze game but I think it’s the driving game where her weakness is. Next time I’m trying Linda’s suggestion of using treats from point A to point B and see if I can get her life up more. Sometimes a laid back horse is harder than a wild one on the end of the line. She’s really different than Sirocco.

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One Response to Blue is helping me get ready for Sirocco

  1. Robyn Kevlin says:

    When I was training Journey, I discovered that she’d do just about anything for a treat… Granted, it took watermelon to get her on the trailer, but she did get on. Usually pre-packaged peppermint treats were fine.

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