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Missing Sirocco today…so glad he’s getting the training he needs but the herd doesn’t feel quite right without him.

There’s several more horses here since he went to Florida this fall. We have two paso fino mares boarding at Avalon. Their owners are Gwendy & Meridith and Gwendy is a Parelli student. She’s also a fine singer/songwriter. Her mare, Diosa, is going to have a foal next summer.

Our neighbor Billy Jack brought Max back a few weeks ago.

We bought Max about a year ago from him. He’s a haflinger and I want to learn how to drive with him. Billy Jack worked him with one of his team horses for several months so he’s trained to pull now. I’ve been watching some old Steve Bowers DVD’s on driving & harnessing. I want to take some driving lessons when we find a cart. I have a harness but didn’t have the leather collar that went with it. Found one that fits on ebay for $30.

Emily’s mare “Blue” is my riding horse these days.

Emily has been sidelined with her knee so I’ve been trailriding Blue to keep her tuned up. She reminds me so much of Sirocco & Grayson’s mother April. She has a sweet disposition with a lot of go when you ask for it. Never in a hurry otherwise.

That’s about it from the horse arena…Merry Christmas! Snow’s a comin’ to Tennessee I hear.

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