A Different Breed by Jill Sissel

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I was touched and so honored that my friend Singer/Songwriter Jill Sissel wrote a song for me and my horse Sirocco. You can hear it and download a copy here: http://www.jillsissel.com/Jill_Sissels_web_site/Welcome.html

I have been very busy lately preparing Sirocco for the long trip to Florida on October 13th & 14th. He was accepted into the Parelli Extern Program for Parelli Instructors. It’s a 3 month course that students from all over the world come to study at the Parelli facility in Ocala, Florida or Pagosa Springs, Colorado. He will the horse for a 2 star instructor from England. Her name is Jody Ruysen They will be working together until I pick him back up on January 6.

We have been practicing trailer loading a lot and taking short trips every week in preparation. We’ll stop overnight 1/2 way between Nashville and Ocala. Emily is taking time off work to join me. This is the first long haul for all of us. It’s a really big deal to me and my horse. Thank you for all the friends that have helped get us ready. Mary Ann Kennedy for her support in the Parelli journey and helping load Sirocco when he was being difficult…horses are NOT motorcycles, they have opinions…Robyn Kevlin for accompanying me on local short hauls and for being my navigator so I could drive “the rig” like I had a full cup of coffee on the dash. My sweetheart Emily for listening to me go on endlessly about “how good he’s doing…” and for taking time out of her hectic work schedule to drive us down to Florida.
Thankyou to Carol Coppinger for recommending that I submit him to the program where he can get the experience he needs. Jody for choosing him for her mount. And Pat and Linda Parelli for making this opportunity available so a great horse like this one can get the right training he needs.

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2 Responses to A Different Breed by Jill Sissel

  1. you are so welcome VAL and Sirocco ! It is always fun to help…he is a good horse,beautiful, and will be better after a concentrated 3 months of daily “play” @ the Parelli Center in Florida. Great people with a great method,let by Pat and Linda.
    i look forward to more play day experiences with you both !

  2. Val, I wish you and your horse a safe journey to Florida. I trusted my horse Cash into the hands of an accomplished Parelli student for the month of September and it was a great experience for all of us…
    Best wishes,

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

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