Visiting Maine’s North Woods

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Emily and I went to Bangor this month for a healthcare conference and when it was over we drove north into the Maine woods to fish, hike and stay in a lodge.

Angel and Don own this wonderful secluded getaway called Nahmakanta Lake Camps. The main cabin was built in the 1800′s. That cabin/lodge is where we ate meals prepared by Angel. She’s a great cook. Blueberry pancakes with melted butter and syrup, Turkey dinner with all the fixin’s, Ham, Potatoes…let’s just say we did not go hungry…

On Saturday, we hired Don to take us fishing for Brook Trout. Emily had hoped to learn to fly fish but the wind was a bit more than needed. We used spinners on open reels and hiked to Rainbow Lake. A row boat and several canoes were there when we arrived. The hike in was about an hour with no steep climbing but some windy trails through moss covered forest. Don brought the rowboat in by snowmobile in the winter. He said he carried the canoes in which is unreal to think about. That would be for me like carrying 1 1/2 bags of horse feed an hour into the woods…I don’t think so…
Cooking our catch in a dutch oven right there on the shore line was really cool. We each caught one big enough to keep (14″) and I caught 2! When we left the site there was not trace we had even been there…love that…
I’m going to look for one of those dutch ovens for the farm.

On Sunday, Emily & I spent some time just hiking around in the woods. Angel gave us a map of some of the trails. The Appalachia Trail goes all through the area. We hiked to their favorite summer swimming hole, some falls and to a lake. I found a stick someone had left at the trailhead and it made a perfect size walking stick.

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